Introducing: the Rilassato line

For almost a decade now, classic tailoring has been said to be in continuous resurgence. However,  it is undeniable that casual wear is still the front-runner. As a purveyor of classic style and tailoring, it is our business to help merge these two ends of the spectrum while keeping our ethos of quality and craftsmanship. This is what brought us to creating a new line bridging tailoring with casual wear. 

The Rilassato line, meaning relaxed, represents uniquely designed garments designed for anyone who wants to take a break from suits or sports jackets and opt for a more relaxed style of clothing that is both functional and stylish. 


The Duty Jacket

A versatile jacket that can easily be dressed up with a shirt and tie or dressed down with a tee and sneakers.


The Safari Jacket

A jacket that can be styled in different ways by cinching it with the belt or simply letting it loose and relaxed with the convenience of four pockets for all your necessities.


The Touring Jacket

Inspired by the field jacket and designed to fit the urban and relaxed while maintaining functionality and stylistic flair.


The Drawstring Trousers

Not your ordinary pair of drawstring trousers. These can be tied both from the outside, for a natural and relaxed look, or from the inside, for a cleaner and more elegant approach. Either way, they surely will elevate your leisure look.


The Tailored Shorts

Whether you are going for a weekend trip or simply a short walk in the park, this pair of shorts will offer both comfort and style.


For a limited period of time, St. James now offers 20% discount on any commissions from the Rilassato line. For more information, contact us here.