• Introducing Amani Lambertsen Bespoke – A New Product Line at St. James

    At St. James, we appreciate fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. We strive for perfection, and wholeheartedly believe that each and every step of the tailoring process, from fabric selection to body measurements, garment construction and fittings, is equally important for a great end result. That is why we are now introducing an additional line to our St. James brand, offering full bespoke services, skillfully done end-to-end by our new partner, Daniella Amani Lambertsen
  • Introducing: the Rilassato line

    Tailoring is said to be in continuous resurgence for almost a decade now, but it is undeniable that casual wear is still the front-runner. As a purveyor of classic style and tailoring, it is our business to be able to merge these two ends of the spectrum while keeping our ethos of quantity and craftsmanship. That is what brought us to creating a new line bridging tailoring with casual wear. 
  • St. James custom projects - unique pieces based on unique ideas

    At St. James, we take great pride in helping our clients find the perfect garment, and in many cases, that perfect garment might not be part of our existing made-to-measure or ready-to-wear repertoire. However, given our nature of semi-bespoke service, we are able to explore possibilities beyond our standard options and offer custom projects, in close collaboration with the client and our master craftsmen.

    We just launched a brand new piece of clothing - the Duty Jacket - a garment that bridges the gap between casual and formal to give a balanced yet elegant look. With its timeless design, it works perfectly as a sports jacket substitute over a shirt and a tie, and just as well as a throw-on casual jacket over some knitwear and a pair of jeans.
  • Get inspired by our Fall/ Winter 20 fabric collection

    Fallen leaves, colder nights and shorter days - these are safe signs of a fading summer and a new season finally approaching. Menswear enthusiasts are already cheering, as we are entering what is perhaps the most exciting time of the year in terms of clothing options and overall style. We are talking about flannels, cashmere and tweed - heavier fabrics with rougher textures.
  • The brilliance of the navy suit

    By now we all know which colour is the most versatile for a suit. Whether you are a classic menswear enthusiast or a beginner just embarking on his sartorial journey, the most commonly selected colour, both casual and formal settings, is navy.