The brilliance of the navy suit

Navy double breasted on AJ and single breasted on Simen

By now we all know which colour is the most versatile for a suit. Whether you are a classic menswear enthusiast or a beginner just embarking on his sartorial journey, the most commonly selected colour, both casual and formal settings, is navy.

Yes, the navy suit is incredibly versatile, but why is that?

 1. Colour. With its dark tones, a navy suit will certainly appear professional and smart, but can also pass as rather casual and chic, depending on how it is paired with other items.

Combined with a white shirt, a tie and a pair of dark oxfords, the navy suit will shine in a business environment or at a formal event. For an elegant but more toned down look, ideal for casual affairs, the navy suit combines seamlessly with a sweater (e.g. round neck, v-neck and roll neck) and a pair of loafers or sneakers.

2. Style. For the navy suit, this is broken down into the single-breasted and the double-breasted options.

The single-breasted suit is by many considered the more traditional and standard choice. With its notch lapels and two/three buttons, it has become wardrobe staple that most certainly will stand the test of time. The double-breasted option, here shown with the 6x2 button configuration, is a true classic that adds an extra touch of formality and presence. 

Each of these style options can be configured with style details that present different levels of formality, and with numerous possible combinations, the wearer can be sure to find an outcome that both suits his personal style and is appropriate for a given occasion.

3. Complexion. According to Alan Flusser, Every men can be categorised based on his colour complexions. These complexions should be seen in relation to his outfit's level of contrast, to help identify which colour shade works best.

We could simplify this and differentiate between high, medium, and low contrast, based on the hair and skin colour. With the navy suit, all of these different contrasts would work very well, provided that the suit is paired with shoes and other accessories in suitable colour(s).


We hear plenty of times that navy suits might be common, standard, uniform-like and even boring, but there is a good reason why most men wearing suits end up picking this exact shade. It's always appropriate, incredibly versatile and pairs well with most other colours. A day at the office, your best friend's wedding, Constitution day or simply a Friday night out, the navy suit is your weapon of choice, and it makes for a killer combination every time.

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