We have finally stepped into December, and Christmas is right around the corner. It’s time to wind down, focus on family and friends, and prepare for the new year that is coming. There is no doubt that 2020 has been a rough ride. We have witnessed the rise of a global pandemic, and we have experienced its impact, both in our personal lives and in society as a whole. Our ways of living have changed, and even though it might only be temporary, the change is real. The menswear industry has suffered as people are slowly transitioning into more casual and informal ways of dressing. Home office, virtual meetings and other measures for social distancing are of course to blame, lowering the style bar and taking away the individual's motivation to get properly dressed when social interaction is reduced to a minimum. At St. James, we acknowledge this challenge, and in the same way that society has adapted to deal with this global pandemic, we believe that people’s style can adapt similarly. That is why we just launched a brand new piece of clothing - the Duty Jacket - a garment that bridges the gap between casual and formal to give a balanced yet elegant look.



The Duty Jacket is designed to work in a variety of settings. With its timeless design, it works perfectly as a sports jacket substitute over a shirt and a tie, and just as well as a throw-on casual jacket over some knitwear and a pair of jeans. We fully understand that wearing a sports coat at home might for some people feel a bit out of place and slightly awkward. The Duty Jacket however, will easily fill that style void during home office, and at the same time provide similar comfort and ease as a simple cardigan - quite a versatile piece. 

As portrayed in the pictures, the Duty Jacket is softly constructed for a comfortable wear. The inverted pleat along the center seam of the back will open and contract for unrestricted movement, and in true Neapolitan fashion, the shoulders are constructed with a spalla camicia - a prominent shirring where the sleeve heads meet the armholes of the torso. A beautiful feature highlighting the fine craftsmanship put into the overall make. The Duty Jacket comes fully lined for a smooth feel - appropriate for the colder winter season ahead, providing extra warmth for the wearer. The collar can easily be popped, either to beat the weather or for some additional stylistic flair. For enhanced practicality, the Duty Jacket is fitted with a special purpose mobile phone pocket on the right hand side. The tablet-like smart phones that are carried around these days are often too large to be kept in trouser pockets, but with the Duty Jacket, the smart phone is conveniently secured in a pocket properly dimensioned, with minimal excessive movement - perfect when on the go.


At St. James, we believe the Duty Jacket is a wardrobe staple and a great clothing alternative for the modern gentleman. The garment’s overall expression can easily be adjusted, based on the selected fabric for the make. A light wool blend with a subtle herringbone pattern could for instance be a great all round option, both for casual and more formal use. However, a heavier wool/tweed option with bolder patterns could opt for a fantastic casual garment to beat the falling temperature in the coming winter months. It all comes down to preference, and for us at St. James, there is nothing we enjoy more than assisting our clients in the process of picking out the perfect fabric for a garment, based on needs and wants. For more information about the Duty Jacket, or other inquiries in general, contact us here.