The GENTLEMAN Offer | St. James Oslo

St. James Oslo is a Norwegian sartorial brand that mainly offers a high quality Made To Measure service. Our main goal is to guide our clients in acquiring a tailored garment that they will enjoy for many years to come. We have a high regard for quality and craftsmanship that is why we only work with tailors with long time experience that has a passion for their work. The materials that we used has to follow the same standard as well that is why we only choose to use the premium of quality materials.

We at St. James Oslo only offers the highest of quality in terms of the construction of our suit which is full canvas. And because we appreciate craftsmanship, all our garments are made by hand by skilled artisans.

Classic menswear is our love and passion and we wish to partake with all of you.

Now here goes the GENTLEMAN OFFER.

  1. We have been isolating ourselves for quite some time now and we just can’t wait to feel normal and alive again. So this is our way to inspire our fellow stylish gentlemen. We would like to offer a 20% off on all of our Made To Measure service.
  2. Normally when commissioning a MTM garment you break the payment in to two. First, during the initial meeting and measurement and second, during the picking up of the MTM garment. We would like to offer a better payment option, instead of paying only twice, we are happy to offer a 3 part payment plan that will be paid in the course of 3 months which makes it more manageable.
  3. It is crucial for us to see our clients looking his best and it is the only way we will know that we are successful in our goal that is why we are offering our clients free consultaion through a proper guidance of choosing the type of suit and style that is appropriate to the client.
  4. Tailored garments as we know does not come affordable and it’s just expected from us to deliver a well fitted suit based on the request of the client. We totally understand that, that is why we want to eliminate that risk on your part by guaranteeing our client 2 times free of charge alteration incase you still want to adjust something after the initial minor adjustment.
  5. Because nothing is more satisfactory for us than to see our clients looking sharp and confident wearing their St. James Oslo garment, that is why we would love to show our appreciation by giving our client a free linen pocket square with handrolled cross-stitching made in Italy on their third commissioned MTM garment.
  6. Lastly, since you are reading this, that means that you already have the opportunity to avail this GENTLEMAN offer with a limited time period of until the 30th of June, 2020.

So what’s holding you up? Book an appointment now.